IWD Pty Ltd commenced operations in the mid 1960s when a number of wool exporters saw the opportunity to improve the efficiency of exporting wool following the introduction of containerisation in Australia. Continued investments in new technology has allowed us to develop highly efficient processes.

Compressing (dumping) the size of the farm packed wool bale and containerising the finished product enables substantial cost savings and improved efficiency.

IWD Pty Ltd now operates the largest and most efficient wool dumping service in Australia with a commitment to providing the highest standard of service and employing the most advanced technology to guarantee consistency and quality.

Our facilities are fully computerised, and each individual wool bale is registered and tracked through the facility by using state of the art barcode technology and computer systems. Using a combination of technology and innovation allows us to deliver solutions that exceed client expectations.

Our motivated team has an active commitment to exceptional services without any compromises on quality.