IWD Innovations


IWD Group Pty Ltd commenced operations in the mid 1960s to provide specialised services for wool exporters following the introduction of containerisation. The company operates from its head office in Fremantle and has one of the largest wool dumping operations in Australia. Capabilities include receiving, dumping, and containerising bales for export to all parts of the world.

Our commitment to providing the best service has led to the development of the most advanced computer tracking system, and the design and manufacture of customised Australian made wool dumping machinery for improved efficiency. Our facilities are fully computerised, giving us the capability to track individual wool bales.

This innovation allows our production line to run smoothly. We can offer a full turn-around within twenty four hours of wool being received in store. Our speed, consistency, and quality will greatly improve your productivity and reduce operation costs.




IWD Pty Ltd has a major breakthrough in the problem of bale identification and countermarking on dumped wool bales.

EZIMARK, a robotic auto-marking bale operator, designed and manufactured in Australia, automatically sprays countermarks onto each bale in clear scourable ink positioned to fit between the steel strapping after dumping.

EZIMARK is linked to our advanced laser scanning unit and computer data base to minimise errors, and provide a high quality and accurate identification. On receival of the client shipment, our legible bale markings allow quick bale identification which means increased efficiency and productivity.


Quality Oriented


All bales are marked accurately with uniform letters and numerals on every bale. All the bales which are dumped are identified with a barcode. A laser scanner mounted on the production line reads the barcode and links it to the company computer database.

The precision steel strapping process ensures all dumps conform to a standard size, with flat, squared sides. Stacking for both shipping and storage on receival at the mill is easier and more efficient


Multi Bales Units


As well as providing Double Bale Units, Independent Wool Dumpers pioneered the triple Dump Press that produces triple bale units. We have perfected both systems to produce consistently uniform dumped bales. This ensures that 120 bales can be loaded into each 24 ton container, maximising container efficiency and lowering shipping costs.

The wool will be received by the clients in excellent condition and in the shortest possible time. With our computer controlled facility, we can allocate triple and double bale units to a container to suit all client specifications, eliminating mixed counter marking units and allowing easier handling and storage on receival. We understand how critical it is for the clients to ship products to their mills quickly to maximize the profit.

Our strapping and packing service guarantees that bales arrive in the same state as they left Australia. This has earned Independent Wool Dumpers a reputation for quality through minimal damage to bales.

Our research and development efforts are directed at improving our own efficiency, which will ultimately be reflected in the client’s profitability.